Understanding The Common Issues With Electric Stove Burners

When it comes to malfunctions and appliance repair issues related to an electric stove burner, many homeowners find themselves ill-prepared to address them. In fact, electric stove burners can be confusing for many homeowners to deal with. It's important that you know how to troubleshoot problems with your electric stove burners so that you can identify which issues require the help of an appliance repair technician. Here are some things to know.

Burner Not Heating

If the burner isn't heating up at all, there could be a couple of reasons for it. Start by pulling that element out and swapping it with one that you know is heating up properly. If that one heats up in its place, the problem is the element. If it doesn't, you'll need to reach out to an appliance repair technician for help.

You may just need to clean the contacts of the burner. Sometimes, the contacts develop corrosion or even general debris. This can interfere with the burner's connection. Just use an abrasive brush or scrub to clean the contacts and try it again. If it still doesn't work, you may need to replace the burner.

Burner Heating Inconsistently

Sometimes, electric burners can be inconsistent in temperature regulation. You may turn the burner to five or six and suddenly see the whole burner glowing orange with the highest heat output. Or, you might notice that some sections of the burner get hotter than others. In those cases, it's beneficial to reach out to a local appliance repair technician to test the thermostat and the heat regulator, but you may find that you need to replace the burner or the block that connects the burner to the stove.

No Response From The Switch

If you turn the burner switch on and the light doesn't come on to indicate that the burner is active, that's a sign that there's a problem with the control switch. These switches rely on a delicate series of components and can wear out or suffer damage easier than you might think. You'll want to have this replaced by a professional repair technician, though. It's connected to the control board and electrical wiring of the stove, so it's best left to a professional who can do it right.

These are some of the basics you should understand when it comes to troubleshooting problems with your electric stove burners. For more information, contact a company like High End Service.

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