4 Reasons Power Isn't Getting To Your Range Burners

A range stove that isn't working properly can be a big inconvenience when you're trying to cook. Sometimes, the problem is electrical in nature. If the electricity in your kitchen seems to be working but the stove still malfunctions, you'll want to have a range stove repair technician come take a look. Here are a few of the potential issues that could cause this symptom.

1. Burners aren't connecting properly

Sometimes the connection between the burner and the range may stop working, either because it's physically broken or because corrosion or grime is getting in the way. If your other burners are still working, this is one potential reason why a specific burner could malfunction. Your range repair technician can check the connection and replace any parts that have stopped working.

2. Range has blown a fuse

In addition to the fuses or circuits in your electrical panel, you may be surprised to learn that fuses exist in many appliances as well. If a fuse blows in the appliance, the appliance won't be able to work until the fuse is replaced. So if your stove stops working suddenly and you're not sure why, this could be the cause.

Your appliance repair technician should be able to fix this easily since fuses are typically designed to be replaceable.

3. Burners are faulty

In some cases, the burner may simply be faulty. This could be due to a manufacturing defect, or the burner may simply be worn-out from too much use. This is another reason why just one burner may stop working, and it's especially likely if the burner that's not working is also the one you typically use the most often. 

Fortunately, replacing a burner is a relatively easy fix. Your repair technician can quickly remove the faulty one and insert a newer, working one. 

4. Wiring is corroded or otherwise damaged

Burners aren't the only electrical part of your range. The wiring that carries electricity from the electrical socket to your burners can also degrade over time. And because the range is located in the kitchen, where temperature fluctuations are frequent and humidity levels may change frequently, damage from corrosion and other types of long-term deterioration may be more common than you'd expect.

These are some of the common reasons why your range's burners may not appear to be getting any power. And remember, electrical issues can be very dangerous if you try to figure out the problem on your own. So whenever an electrical issue like one of these arises, you'll want to call in a technician right away for repairs. 

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