What Does High Energy Efficiency Mean For Washers And Dryers?

One of the main concerns about washers and dryers is the amount of water, energy and detergent that they require to run. Traditional washers didn't really put much emphasis on the amount of resources they used to run. As a result, they can be quite wasteful.

However, the high costs of water and energy are encouraging people to rethink how these resources are used in their homes. This is where high-efficiency washers and dryers come in.

What Qualifies as a High-Efficiency Washer and Dryer?

There are strict criteria that a washer or dryer must meet in order to be considered 'high-efficiency'. In the case of washers, these guidelines pertain to how they use electricity, detergent and water. Basically, the high-efficiency machine must use a lot less of all three. If it fails to meet even one of the set criterion, it cannot be considered a high-efficiency washer.

In the case of dryers, it must use a lot less energy to remove a certain amount of moisture from clothes. The efficiency is measured by checking how many pounds of clothes is dried per kilowatt-hour.

Characteristics of High-Efficiency Washers/Dryers

There are several signs that you can use to identify an energy efficient washer or dryer. These are:

  1. The HE symbol: A high-efficiency machine is a great source of pride for many manufacturers. As a result, if their machines meet the standards set to meet the criteria, they will have the HE symbol proudly displayed on their machines.

  2. No Agitators: Top loading high-efficiency washers will either not have an agitator, or will have one that's much shorter. This is one of the reasons why they are able to handle a much larger load than traditional washers.

  3. Moisture sensor: A high-efficiency dryer must have a moisture sensor. A traditional dryer may keep running until you turn it off or the set time elapses. However, a high-efficiency dryer uses a moisture sensor to stop the machine the moment the clothes are dry.

What Can Your Realistically Expect from HE Washers/Dryers?

For a washer or dryer to be energy star certified, it must use 25% less energy than standard models and, in the case of the washer, 45% less water. Since HE machines must meet guidelines that much stricter than energy star rated machines, you should expect energy and water savings higher than those mentioned above. If you see anything less than this, you should schedule an appliance repair service visit.

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