Warning Signs That Your Trailer Needs Help

Utility trailers take just as much abuse on the road as the cars that are hauling them; in fact, they might experience more because they are being pulled along at the back and are subject to a lot of extra momentum. Because of this, trailers are built to be tough, but they can still run into trouble. If you spot any of these symptoms on your trailer, it's time to take it into a repair shop like Rv Service Center Of Santa Cruz.

Uneven Tread

Trailer tires should show even amounts of wear under normal circumstances. If the tires show uneven wear patterns, you could be dealing with a few problems. One is the simple problem of underinflated tires—maybe one or two have lost some air so that the trailer is riding unevenly. But you could also be looking at a broken suspension or axle, or you could be overloading the trailer. Anything that is broken must be repaired immediately to prevent massive damage from occurring to the trailer. If the problem is that you're overloading the trailer, you've got to re-evaluate what you need to carry and whether you need a larger trailer.

Spongy Sides and Floor

It's possible that moisture, road salt, and general age could have led to the formation of rust under the trailer. If the floor of the trailer or the walls seem spongy—not necessarily very flexible, but having more give than usual—immediately inspect the trailer for rust or other corrosion, dents, and holes. If the structure of the trailer is weaker than it's supposed to be, you're not going to be able to haul as much as you want, and your cargo could breach the walls or floor, spilling onto the road.

Trailer Rattling When Fully Loaded

Trailers rattle when empty (when you're hauling them, obviously, not when they're at a standstill). However, if the trailer is rattling when full, and you know it's not the cargo that is making the sound, check the hitch and all connections. If anything is loose, you need to get that repaired. You can guess what would happen if the hitch were to come loose.

Bring the trailer in to a repair shop that specializes in trailers, rather than an auto body shop. Those repair techs will be more familiar with how trailers are supposed to work, and the techs will be able to figure out why the trailer reached the state that it did.

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