How To Change The Tub Seals On A Maytag Washer That Has Two Belts

You can tell when the tub seal on the stem of the transmission on a washing machine has worn out because water will start leaking out of the bottom of the washer. You need to replace the seal to stop the leak and protect your floors. Most washing machine owners who like to do their own appliance repair work around the house can change the seal by themselves in about an hour. If you own a Maytag washer that has two drive belts (the procedure for single drive belt washers is different), here is how you can replace the transmission seal on the tub:

Remove Front of Washer

On older Maytag models, there are two screws on both sides of the bottom of the front panel of the washer you need to remove to release the panel. On newer models, there is a clip on both sides of the panel. Reach under the washer with a flat head screwdriver and press down on the clips to release the front panel.  Remove the screws or clips and take off of the front panel.

Check Tube Seal

The seal is located at the base of the tub where it is connected to the stem on the transmission. Fill the tube up with water and let it work. Water will come out of the base of the tube if the seal is bad.

Remove Top of Washer

There are is a 3/8" screws holding the front of the top to the each side wall. Remove the screws. Take off the bleach dispenser hose from the top. Lift the up the top to expose the top of the tub inside the washer.

Remove Top of Tube

The top of the tub is clipped into place on newer models. On older models, there are a few screws you'll have to remove first. Set the top aside.

Remove Agitator

Remove the set screw at the bottom of the agitator and remove it. Take the agitator out of the tube.

Remove Spin Basket

Take a spanner wrench made for removing the nuts inside the tub and put it on the large nut at the bottom of the tub. A spanner wrench has tabs on it that fit into the grooves on the nut and it has two long wings. Tap the wings with a hammer to loosen the nut on the shaft of the mounting stem for the basket. The stem has left-hand threads so you want to tap the spanner wrench clockwise to loosen the nut. Remove the nut and the spin basket.

Remove Mounting Stem

The mounting stem is connected to the washer's transmission under the tub. Stick a screwdriver into the transmission to keep the stem from spinning around. Place the spanner wrench on the nut on the mounting stem inside the washer. You need to tap the spanner wrench clockwise to loosen and remove the nut.  Lift up the rubber boot on the mounting stem and remove it.

Remove Tub

There is a ½" bolt at the top of the three bracket legs holding the tub to the legs. Remove the bolts. Take the water line off that connects to the pump. Lift the tub out of the washing machine cabinet. Remove the hose that connects to the water level control on the bottom of the backside of the tub.

Remove Old Seal

Set the tub on a couple of pieces of wood to keep it off the floor. Put your foot in the tub and press down on the seal in the middle of the tub to remove it.

Install New Seal

Turn the tub upside down and put lubricant around the stem opening in the bottom of it. You should also lubricate the outside of the new seal. Press the seal in through the hole until it pops into place. You might have to stand on the seal to press it into the hole.

Remove the old rubber sleeve on the stem of the transmission and clean the stem with an Emory cloth. Put the new sleeve on the stem that came with the new seal.

Set the tub back over the stem and put everything back together in the reverse order you took it apart. 

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