2 Defective Components That Can Lead to a Noisy Washing Machine

Washing machines are one of the most depended on appliances in the home today. For that reason, it can be highly worrisome when a washer starts to issue unusual gurgles, squeals, and bangs. If you would like to empower yourself by learning more about some common washing machine problems, read on. This article will introduce you to two defective components that can cause a noisy washer.

Drain Pump

As its name would imply, the drain pump is responsible for pumping as much water as possible out of the machine prior to the spin cycle. Drain pumps commonly experience one of two problems that cause them to become excessively noisy: either there is some object that is restricting the flow of water, or the pump itself has become defective, and is no longer capable of moving the way that it should.

Such problems can be diagnosed by listening to determine when the unusual noise is occurring. If it happens just after the wash or rinse cycle has completed, when the water is being vacated from the tank, chances are you are dealing with a drain pump issue. Unplug the machine and then remove its front panel; the drain pump is commonly located just behind the bottom right corner of the panel.

Next remove the inlet hose that leads from the washing chamber to the pump. Inspect the inside of the pump housing to see whether there is something blocking the flow of water. Such obstructions can often lead to strange noises as the water is sucked past them. Remove any blockages as necessary.

Now attempt to manually spin the pump's impeller. It should move freely in both directions. If the impeller won't move, or if you can feel any damage to it, it will need to be replaced. Consult your owner's manual for the appropriate part number, and then order and install a new pump.

Damper Straps

Top load washing machines utilize so-called damper straps to help absorb and restrain the shock of their movements during the spin cycle. Generally there are four of these straps running between the top of the tub and the four corners of the cabinet. Because they are made of rubber, these straps are prone to degrade and break over time. When that happens, the washer tends to bang loudly against the cabinet when spinning.

Determining whether you are dealing with a broken damper strap requires little more than a visual inspection. To do this, however, you must remove both the front and top panels of the machine. If you see that one of the straps is dangling loose, order and install a replacement according to the part number listed in your manual. For more information or assistance, contact services like A-1 Appliance Service.

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